Invincible Iron Man #500.1 Review

Invincible Iron Man #500.1 Review

Feb 23

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Reviewer: Craig Reade
Quick Rating: So you want to know about Tony Stark?

A cup of coffee saves Tony Stark’s life

Written by: Matt Fraction
Art by: Salvador Larroca
Color by: Frank D’Armata
Letters by: Joe Caramagna
Editor: Alejandro Arbona
Publisher: Marvel Comics

This issue is part of Marvel’s new “Marvel.1″ project. For those that don’t know, “.1″ issues are basically “Key Issues,” or self-contained books that are designed to introduce new readers to a series, and help kick off story lines. I love this idea – you don’t need to pick the issue up if you don’t want to, but anything that provides readers a gateway to an ongoing title is a good thing.

There really isn’t much in terms of story here – the entire issue is basically a retelling of Tony’s life through the prism of an Alcoholics Anonymous testimony, through his childhood and his “updated” origin as Iron Man, to the lows of losing his company and being on the run from HAMMER, to the highs of bouncing back and getting his life back. It’s a pretty good expose of Tony, you get a good glimpse of his many flaws (alcohol, women, and workaholism), and some idea of what drives him. The only thing about Tony that I think Fraction missed in this issue is his remarkable intellect. That’s kind of a key part of who Tony is, and not mentioning that at all seems like an oversight.

There is a lot of content here – a strong analysis into Tony Stark’s character, a little on his supporting cast and villains, and overall strong art. The issue does a fantastic job introducing the new reader to the character, and making them understand his ins and outs. But that is only half the stated purpose of Marvel.1 – this issue is also supposed to energize the reader about the new story to come. On that front, the issue absolutely fails – I got no sense of the story to come in upcoming issues, or even that there was a story coming up at all. I like this issue – but I don’t think it does the job Marvel wanted it to do.

This is an issue I think long-time Invincible Iron Man readers could absolutely miss. I didn’t find anything in this issue that had anything at all to do with what is going on in the surrounding story. However, if you enjoy Tony Stark as a character, or just like Matt Fraction’s work, I strongly recommend this issue. This issue is a fantastic example of how well Matt Fraction understands Tony Stark, and he does an amazing job making you see why he loves the characters so much. I think it is safe to say that Fraction will make you care about Tony Stark too. So while it isn’t totally the express mission of Marvel.1, the issue ended up being a decent read anyway.

4/5 Stars

4/5 Stars

4/5 Stars

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