Red Robin #20 Review

Red Robin #20 Review

Feb 23

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Reviewer: Craig Reade
Quick Rating: Makes me think it might be time to look at Teen Titans again.

Red Robin looks for help going after The Calculator

Written by: Fabian Nicieza
Pencils by: Marcus To
Color by: Guy Major
Ink by: Ray McCarthy
Letters by: Sal Cipriano
Cover by: Marcus To, Ray McCarthy, and Brian Buccellato
Editor: Rachel Gluckstern & Sean Ryan
Publisher: DC Comics

This issue begins the two-part crossover with Teen Titans, which will conclude in Teen Titans #92 next month. I personally think this crossover was a great idea. A lot of readers groan about things like this – especially since there hasn’t been a time period where there wasn’t some major event (or build-up to a major event) going on since before Infinite Crisis. Little self-contained crossovers like this one occasionally give you a glipse of another similar book, and in this case it’s appropriate.

Tim’s still working to keep the Unternet down, but that puts him face to face with Catman, who has been hired by Mikalek to help him regain access. Tim confronts Catman, and manages to delay his escape. Catman then uses Tam Fox’s cell phone to breach The Calculator’s security, painting a target on her that forces Tim to go defend her and allowing Catman to escape. Tam’s dorm is destroyed (she wasn’t there) by a Calculator android – a clue that leads Tim to what he believes is a hub of The Calculator’s activities and a perfect place to strike. He can’t do it alone though, so he calls in the Teen Titans to help.

I used to read Teen Titans religiously some time ago, sadly the book has been going through a rough time and I dropped it. A few times I tried it again, and each time it was worse than before. I’ve heard some good things about the new team – but despite that, I never felt compelled to pick the book up again. This crossover gives me an excuse to do so – and this issue makes me optimistic about what I will find when I finally try it out in two weeks.

Nicieza’s work is strong, as always. He get’s Tim Drake, and he definitely gets the Teen Titans that Tim used to mesh so well with. The story seemed a little rocky at the beginning, but the meat of it came fast and everything smoothed out… a little lag in changing gears, nothing more. This was a strong issue with outstanding art – and I am really excited to see where this goes in the next Teen Titans issue. Red Robin has been a strong corner of the DCU for a while now – this issue only continues that trend. Krul is following a tough act… hopefully he impresses. I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes.

4/5 Stars

4.5/5 Stars

4/5 Stars

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